Cycles of Time and the History of Root Races


by Prof. Asiananda

Situating the 'Aryan/Non-aryan Origins of Indian Civilization' within a Mega-cyclical View of Indian History - A subjective, intuitive attempt.

A Paper presented at the international conference on 'Aryan/Non-aryan Origins of Indian Civilization' at the University of Massachusetts (Dartmouth) 23-26 June 2006

Abstract: The reality of Indian civilization is not its surface but Time, which like the Vedas is without beginning and end; hence the author has evolved 'Mega-cyclical View of Indian History' in course of his writings which are listed at the end. 'The Aryan/Non-aryan Origins of Indian Civilization' is valid only at the surface. The Fundamental Unity of the Indian subcontinent is grounded in this paper drawing from quantum physics, depth psychology and mysticism, history and philosophy. A 'South Asian Home' was definite and irreversible at the end of the British period in 1947, its abortion was an aberration of Indian History equalled only to Aurangzeb's re-islamization at the end of the Mughal period; building on the Theosophical idea of Helena Blavatsky's Seven Root Races which describes humanity's present stage as the Fifth Root Race and assigns special roles for the US and India in building up the coming Sixth Root Race guiding human future towards greater humanity and divinity, the Paper wants us to outgrow ruling conflictual paradigms such as 'clash of civilizations', 'aryan invasion theory', etc and re-launch the 'US-India Strategical Partnership' inaugurated by the Bush Administration truly on a 'Pax Indica of the Spirit' and 'Pax Americana of Hope' building up a six-root-race-level of 'all-inclusive global partnership' that is truly the PAX HUMANA.

Introduction: India's Fundamental Unity & Timelessness
Any reflection on the 'origins of Indian civilization' leads us to look at its more ancient Aryan and Dravidian components; Indo-Aryan and the Prot-Dravidian are world's two major language families, obviously they have also racial overtones. Yet the Indian subcontinent being history's most total racial melting pot they have indeed fused across the millennia and emerged upon the socio-political and anthropological surface of the subcontinent as a common Indic race and civilization with an underlying negroid proto-australoid mongoloid autochthonous underpinning, later adding up also an Indo-Islamic and Indo-British over pinning at the roof. In a sense Indian civilization is beginningless and endless as humanity and human civilization itself. If its origins can be traced is a disputable issue; this is what the paper attempts to elaborate and reconcile within my 'Megacyclical view of Indian History'.
This unique capacity of fusing all diversities and contradictions as UNITY proves the beginninglessness and unbroken continuity of India civilization which is a treasure India has preserved and has to preserve for man's civilizational future upon this planet. The focus of the conference in limiting it to 'Aryan/Non-aryan' binaries makes the issue scientific and maybe politically correct! But has Indian civilization an origin? If so, can this origin be situated in a specified time frame? While anyone with a sense of history can turn the clock backwards to proto-historic and pre-historic mythological and geological times of millennia and eons, we know our recorded history is no older than two thousand years or at best three! Nothing is normally acceptable to our society and above all to our institutions of knowledge that is not 'scientific'. But the empirical world of time and space in which science's mandate runs is only skin deep! I want to show that the intuitive method I adopt here could be a reliable assessment providing us with a rule of game for exploring trans-temporal reality offering scope for an all-inclusive belonging and human planetary identity for all.
Science conducts itself within the realm of causality and objective facts of the classical physics. But we have now already entered the frontiers of the quantum cosmos of the particle physics: what rules here is Heisenberg's ,Uncertainty Principle, Bohr's 'Particle-wave Complementarity' and Bell's Theorem of non-causality. Just like water could be as hard as the glacial ice and as fluid as the running brook or as gaseous as the heavenly clouds, in the quantum universe matter is 'substantive particle' and 'substance-less wave' losing itself in utterly non-physical and dimensionless Field or vacuum; what ceaselessly happens there has been characterized by many a noted phycists as the "Dance of Siva" here in trillionths of a second sub-atomic particles are born and destroyed by their anti-particles, at their inter-junction matter is quanta, soul, Consciousness, i.e. the external extension of space collapses in the for us ungraspable in-centric vacuum (Sunnya, zero womb) of eternity (condensation of space as Time, Citta/Mind); eternity here is measured by the trillionth of trillionth of a second, the yogis encounter here the silence/vacuum the ether of Prana, which is the non-physical Field of Quantum Physics, the Atman that is personal and universal the Quantum Brahman.
Admittedly this quantum universe is also the hatching ground of all science fictions, artificial intelligence and cyborgs, super-conductivity and all nano technologies that have made our lives instantaneous in this miraculous global village of cell phones and internet screens; and the years and decades to come are going to bring for us terrific singularities - promising both planetary destruction or planetary salvation! And in this quantum cosmos we are outside the linearity of the clock time and predictable historical times; History has also entered a correspondingly accelerating stadium of quantum leaps, the civilizations that were for centuries and millennia maintaining their isolated regional existence are converging into a single Global Civilization, Teilhard de Chardain spoke of Planetization and Noosphere, the emergence of the world mind and Omega, and Sri Aurobindo revealed it as the 'Descent of the Overmind'; but it could also very well be AI and the cyberbog Terminator! What is decisive is to trace the universal origins and human or teleological end of civilization so that we as humanity succeed opening up history and civilization towards their quantum horizons of beginningless and endlessness that redeems cosmos (order/dharma) from its underlying chaos. My 'Vedico-Quantum Megacyclical Conception of History' rises from a unifying ground of the meta-psychic and quantum -psychic ground and expands limitlessly in tune with our expanding cosmos. The Universe Einstein knew as a child was thought of having been made up of a single galaxy, the Milky Way! But the universe as we know today runs up to 14 billion light years, the region unknown and unknowable to us is said to be stretching to a radius of 58 billion light years! And the universe is disturbingly accelerating faster than the speed of light and even NASA is without a clue!! Shouldn't this acceleration and infinite expansion also impact our civilization and history beyond our familiar three dimensional world and outside our clock time? Is this universe bereft of life outside our planet? Weren't there past civilizations upon this earth and elsewhere in cosmos? Is there extra-terrestrial intelligence anywhere in this infinitely vast and apparently inert universe? We humans run our lives for three scores and ten, and then we die! But when I look back to my forefathers and their forefathers do I know if the chain ever ends? I for one feel that my age is not my present three score years, but I am in a sense as old as the continuity of life upon our planet which is ca 4.5 billion years! If I am so old, can the age of an unbroken civilization like India's be any lesser? How old are the Vedas? Do our notions of yugas and kalpas and the constantly self-creating and self- dissolving Brahman have any reality? If they are myths, do they have any archetypal substantiality? Don't they also vibrate with our presently unfolding quantum physical and astrophysical universes? Can't we speak of a 'New Vedico-Quantum New Conception of History' that is in tune with this fast beating quantum beat of our presently globalized planetary life? Why to embroil ourselves in a perceived 'Aryan/Non-aryan dispute' which is a long settled fact for those who do not care for the so called Aryan invasion theory? This is where I thought I have to come out with this Mega-cyclical interpretation of Indian history with a Pre-vedic, Post-vedic and Trans- vedic Megacycles, and I must argue with all my respects for science that this Pre-vedic megacycle is just beginningless, because Indian history or for that matter our human history I argue is just beginningless. Ergo also endless. So I do not fully share the revisionist reactionary Post-colonialist historiography that imputes 'divide and rule' as the 'hall mark of the imperialists' and the project of 'buying back the pride and self respect of the once colonized Indians' by such popularly flattering gimmicks: renaming say Bombay as Mumbai or the Sindhu-Sarasvati replacing 'Indus Valley Civilization', etc. If science is our yardstick, we do know all humans originated in Africa migrating to other continents. Is it a reason for shame for us and for humanity? Or is it necessary to prove or disprove that Africans originated in some other continent? If we know that Indian civilization archetypally is the Mother of all civilizations and humanity, there is no shame to cover and no self respect to be retrieved by revisionist historiography when it is also motivated! So I shall highlight and situate the 'Aryan/Non-aryan origins of Indian civilization' in a Megacyclical, Quantum view of Indian History grounded on the subcontinent's fundamental unity, unbroken continuity, and its sheer endlessness and beginningless.

Megacyclical Quantum View of History- India's Sanatan Dharma
We can trace history to proto-history and pre-history which in turn relate to human memory and consciousness to dynamically living religious mythologies and cosmologies; myths are but the emanations of forgotten or irretrievable history, Pralaya is a universal myth recurring differently in all cultures and civilizations - Atlantis is the myth of a sunken continent with all Western peoples, the 'Atlantic Charter' giving birth to the United Nations attests to its world historical and millennial revalidation. Kumari Kandam and Lemuria are its counterparts in Dravidian mythology, and Airyanem Vaejah its Avestan and Paradise and Noah's Arc etc its Judeo- Christian counterparts. As Freud established Dreams as opening the gates of our individual psyches, Carl Gustav Jung showed how myths emerge from our Collective Subconscious and Collective Unconscious and are founded on specific Archetypes. Beyond the collective Unconscious are the Inconscient regions which mostly manifest as the physiological and biological instinctive natural behaviours of our animal past with its drives and brutalities of ego sex aggressive possessiveness and dominational will. Regressing further we inevitably 'collapse' ourselves into the Unconscient, which is the return of our physical body back to the inert matter, i.e., Thanatos, un-returnable Death the cosmic black hole that is our psyche's last inert frontier! Reversely there is also our ascending collective Superconscious guiding us from our base nature of the vital regions to the mental, higher mental, supramental, spiritual, subliminal and luminous Superconscious regions truly to the Superman-hood as Sri Aurobindo saw. When we look at the process of history and civilization from the quantum level of non-causality (intuition) and synchronicity, which ipso facto implies the oneness of humanity and its planeto-cosmic unity, history and civilization simply cannot be the violence, bloodshed, killings and world wars it was! It can never be the 'clash of civilizations' Samuel Huntington during 1990s sold to the world, hatching the 'axis of evil' and 9/11 and the present jihadic will of global terrorism; civilizational process can and must end in a truly eschatological expectation of the converging world civilizations in human unity and planetary fulfilment. Classical physics has no value or purpose for civilization, the vedico-quantum has an eschatological imperative, this is the need of the hour and the highest priority of Indian history and civilization, a motivated reviving of the Aryan invasion theory is going to serve none. If India's civilizational experience and her unbroken historical continuity is anything, it proves this civilizational convergence, the civilizational synthesis of the subcontinent in the unity of diversity affirming the right of the race to emerge as the heralders of the true Vasudhaivakutumbakom. Indian civilization withstood and maintained its unbroken continuity because unlike other civilizations it refused to function in the ordered Newtonian mechanistic cosmos of the classical physics, but opted for the chaos of the quantum universe. There is no other race and civilization that has categorically declared that the empirical reality (Samsara) is but Maya the secondary reality, Truth alone is the transcending ONE that holds the transient Many on the surface. No matter that India remained by and large a conquered or mutually warring subcontinent without realizing an enduring nationhood until late; admittedly she finally submitted to an enslavement lasting a thousand years to Islam and West, but there is also no other civilization of history that has assimilated and reconciled all the dialectically opposing racio-religio-linguistic forces of history as Indian civilization has done. Thus was achieved in a unique symbiotic civilizational amalgamation of the Aryan and Dravidian components providing the backbone of a common subcontinental ethos upholding a timeless India in time, an 'India that is Bharat' which is a Nation a State a Race and great 'Civilizational Home' that along with the House of Europe (EU) could emerge as the second pillar of a Con-federative New United Nations which indeed is 'nuclear weapon free millennial Global PEACE Order' India has always stood for. The same concordance also at the level of religions I believe was an accomplished fact of Indian civilization but for the aberration of 1947 partition, which was a failure not of civilization but of individuals. Redeeming its vivisected collective subconscious is redeeming the Indic towards its quantum possibilities and cosmic destiny. So the question we ought to be asking here is not the binary Aryan/Non-aryan origins but the human origins and end of Indian civilization. The Dravidian pride is bought not by renaming Madras as Chennai but by tuning up the Dravidian cosmos to the rhythm of the expanding quantum rhythm of Indian history and human history, which is the second part of this paper. The rest of this section will then be devoted (1) in contextualizing the 'Two Aberrations' resulting in the abortion of a possible - Hindu-Muslim-Western civilizational confluence in 1947 and (2) for tracing the evolution of Indo- European studies upon the British rediscovering India's classical past and civilizational heritage which postcolonialist revisionist historiography seems to have baptized as 'Aryan Invasion Theory'. Such an Aryan invasion theory which is not an alibi for something else has no place and justification in Indian history.

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