Diversity In Unity

by Diane M. Rousseau

Within any structure, be it air, water, mineral, plant or tree kingdom, aquatic life forms, animal kingdoms or human has order from the moment of life within the first cell. The memory of order is within the structure or model. The earth seen as a whole is teaming with life. Each form has an internal structure within that holds the energy for growth of the form.

Each form has its own energy pattern, nature and encoded within the structure it's potential. Looking at the diversity of nature and seeing its natural flow shows the integrity of the inner structure.

Any thing or form that grows has a consciousness. Consciousness is awareness and that awareness is encoded within the form. When stimulated from a level of what is best, most pleasing and natural, it will grow automatically to its potential.

The reasons there are so many different methods or models, is because of the diversity in consciousness of each member. People will naturally gravitate to their personal comfort level. It takes wisdom to effectively transform the growth within any existing structure. Wisdom is a product of integration of the mind and heart or emotions. Energy will automatically follow its course, if the attention on the goal or thought is held along with the inner passion.

This is due to UNDERSTANDING and COMPREHENSION of the goal! Any person, regardless of Faith, Party or Creed can work for and support the common goal or Vision most beneficial for all. A point of reference is needed where all agree. You can create Unity with the unique diversity of everyone and make it work. Understanding the diversity, by looking at Nature, shows that within any structure, on any level, is the force to grow. Each person needs to see and understand unity within first, to see and appreciate how to present the Vision. Their own inner passion due to wisdom, and understanding is used for positive, supportive and integrated growth for the whole, while at the same time appreciating the diversity within the goal.

Transformation within effectively and automatically due to its own energy, as a force, will change any outer situation. Outer is atmosphere, thoughts, feelings and their own plus collective results. This includes the physical body, environment and physical life.


God Realized Consciousness manifests as Love or Divine Energy
this plus Thought as Expression in the field of action
becomes Infusion of Totality in both Non Relative to Relative fields of action
which then equals
Transformation on all fields of Life in Relativity

SUPREME BEING is the Source of All Creation

Pure Energy, Love as Source is tapped through Meditation >
The cultured Heart awakened from this Infusion of Being expresses Divine Love as Devotion and becomes Realized >
Divine Love as the Impulse before Thought, plus the intent of Thought is Infused with Bliss and Creates from this Divine Level >
Pure Thought then becomes expressed in Conscious Action in the Relative Plane of Creation and this equals Transformation

This CHART OF TRANSFORMATION shows us that when God is held within the equation of Consciousness, infinite Bliss is drawn upon and held within to transform ones Inner and Outer Life. One’s Consciousness is lived with the Heart and Mind United through the infusion of Being in one’s Consciousness which is Bliss. The Awareness brings with it Wisdom from the Heart-Mind connection. One experience's Transformation in every area of life, one experience's one’s own Unity and Oneness with all That Is. Life is lived more fulfilled, the Center of Love within dwells within one’s own Heart. Love creates Union within diversity, because love is held within as a reality and not a thought, it is experienced, it works for the greater whole and sees the Vision of Eternity and all possibilities.

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