In This Cauldron of Truth

In This Cauldron of Truth
by Jay H. Peters

"Sky Angel"
Photo Dr. Diane M. Rousseau
The name on the masthead reads:
"The Institute of Spiritual Sciences", and this is the crux of the matter. It was the abandoning of this formula, “Spiritual Science”, Science+Spirit, that has caused the apparent lessening of man's continuing evolution towards higher and greater states of "being". It is an easy, but profound chemistry. Spirit and Science melded together, forging a union that inevitably leads to the balance of the two-sided nature, creating a new paradigm within each Soul. This is what this life is meant to be about.

Where did the duplicity arise concerning man's underwhelming performance in his Spiritual growth? It sprang out of his fascination with the third dimensional life, and this is best illustrated currently in our over-involvement with technology. This type of distraction normally takes place in youth and is something one grows out of and away from after maturity; however, in the twenty-first century, our technology centered culture is dominating the attention of all ages. It is not hard to see that unless a person's life is infused from the earliest stages with a sense and direction of God awareness, there cannot be the balanced achievement of the Heart's growth and unfolding.

All humans are in this boat together, and yet so many are pulling at each other's ankles trying to get a foothold to rise above the fray and be distinguished in some worldly manner; it all too often seems all semblance of unity is lost. This is why the condition of the World continues to suffer. However, there are the few self-realized Souls who, by the very nature of a loving Heart and an ability to see the “whole” telescopically, will reach out to lend a "helping hand" to humanity and nature, both as a whole and individually. They are our refuge, our beacons on the seas of adversity. They push through the negative mind-set into the clear light, restoring our purpose, enabling our growth and aiding the consciousness of the Whole to expand and grow.

This is why "Spiritual Sciences" is such an apt moniker. It is in itself a formula to be applied as a blueprint to aid in the reclamation of man's "fallen" energies, and a boost to be exercised as a means to return us to the path to God Consciousness. Without this awareness we will spin on the axis of re-birth and we continue to revolve and not to evolve.

Detail from: "Beyond the Blue Pearl"
by Diane M. Rousseau
The imperative at this time, indeed at any time, is to realize this Earth is a school and we are students, here to learn and reclaim the knowledge of the Self, and in doing so, become alchemists of our own being. We truly live in a cauldron of God's Holy chemical science, and are therefore responsible for all our Earthly experiments, all our actions, whether we realize it or not. This "Institute of Spiritual Sciences" is a roster of professors of Soul knowledge, keen to help us in this classroom of life's lessons, this cauldron of Truth and Light...

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Photo: "Sky Angel" Copyright ©2006-2015 Diane M. Rousseau
Artwork: "Beyond the Blue Pearl" Copyright ©2006-2015 Diane M. Rousseau
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