Devoted Hearts

Devoted Hearts: A Prayer and Puja with Maharishi on the banks of the Green River.
July 7, 2014

Poem by Diane M. Rousseau, PhD.
Photo by Ray J. Rousseau

Devoted Hearts

May Grace and Love shower all with Light,
May Blessings flow to all in this World, Healing, giving Hope and Creating Peace.

Rose petals flow down the crystalline River,
to the Oceans, to Air, to soft Breezes that caress,
gathering in Rain, in purest Snow,
as Love permeates the atmosphere with Gods Grace,
for all Life and Prayers are heard.

From the Heavens, Light shines,
from Devoted Hearts who gather in Unity,
through surrendered Love to and In the Divine Almighty,
The Fathers Love.

God Bless All…

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