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World Peace And The Light of God

by Diane M. Rousseau

The most dramatic results you will see in any country, any group, religion or nation is when each individual takes responsibility for their personal growth, self sufficiency and inner connection to God.

Until God is first in the individual, people will operate from a level of personal interest instead of seeing all as a part of the 'whole' of God. When God is first, the life of the individual becomes an example and inspiration of the 'way' to be which is in all the Scriptures around the world.

The essential purpose of each religion, and faith was to be a way shower with human interpretation as inspired from the Divine Intelligence within. It has been proven that higher consciousness brings with it the understanding and compassion that each individual is valuable and can contribute to the welfare of all in their own unique way.

It is an internal lack within one’s own self, which contributes to the apathy towards one’s fellow man and nature in all its forms. The idea of self lack is a misinterpretation of one’s own value. The 'Self' or the Atman is experienced as God within the chamber of your heart; it is the Holy of Holies within your own Being. We are human-Beings, capable and encoded to fulfill this Divine oneness. This is natural, what is not is the misnomer that one is unworthy. This idea of unworthiness can be due to past events, other peoples expressed impressions of you or your own feelings of lack of self worth. And what is the answer? Meditation is the sublime communication with God within, contemplation is the reflection of ones own actions and accountability and Dharma is one’s duty in life.

Mediation is different from Prayer. In Prayer we ask for gifts of Spirit for ourselves or those we love in healing or protection. It is also an expression of Devotion.

In Meditation, one has the experience of union with God, and this experience builds with the daily practice of meditation. Over time, supreme bliss is experienced and taken into activity and expressed in one’s daily life. There is more joy, more peace and the bliss is not a mood, it is a steady inner connection with the subtle energies of peace, strength and trust. Truth is cognized at the most subtle level and this is the essence of meditation; to experience Truth.

The 'unified field' means "Unity." This means everything is interconnected and that there is order in the universe and in one’s consciousness. Balance must be maintained. Divine Intelligence rules this order as Universal Law or the Laws of God. This means life is to be lived in 'unity' from the Light of God within you. You become a better instrument for the Most High as you continue to cultivate this inner union within yourself. It is not enough to talk about this 'Unified Field', we must live it and BE it. As long as one has a human body, there is development and a greater potential for experience and expression of God in your consciousness and in your life.

Out of God’s Divine Love all was created and in each creation dwells a spark of this living love. Each creation is a unit of intelligence reflecting the inner nature that dwells within. All creation must grow and expand, this is the law of the Universe. In the depths of all things is this spark which contains the impulse to grow. This spark belongs to God and as human beings we have the ability to use our mind, experiencing this Divine Spark and expanding upon it. All of creation is intelligent to various degrees and "feels" due to the intelligence of the 'spark' within. Knowing this, we have a profound appreciation for all life; we understand our connection to 'all that is.' Absolute.

Unity is also lived as 'Dharma' which means righteousness, truthfulness, compassion and understanding. To realize one’s own real nature is to also experience and understand the value of all things in life and have deeper understanding of the value of each individual life in all of nature.

We can soften the pains of the world, we can create unity, we can be the Divine Spark that becomes the living Flame for God. And like the sun, we can shine our Light which is this living Love in all that is and create a peaceful world.

Let us bring Heaven to Earth and see this Divine Spark in each person, touching each state, touching each nation, reaching each country and encircling the entire world with the "Light of God."

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