Phase Transition - Orders of The Quest

Phase Transition - Orders of The Quest
by Eric Fremaux
ISS: Adviser and Researcher
April 27, 2019

A Fibonacci spiral
There is a significant tendency towards interconnectedness throughout the whole known universe. You can find this pattern by observing the cosmic network of stars and galaxies, as well the living beings.

Hence, we see a fractal pattern (order) that is being applied from Macrocosmic level to the microcosmic one which seeks no purpose but the integration of different planes of existence.

A spiral galaxy
From this pattern, there is a Universal Force or Consciousness which seeks unity (order) in any possible way while there is another force which we know as chaos (Disorder - Entropy) and it’s playing the exact opposite role.

If we observe the current state of human civilization, we find out we have been going through this chaotic era for thousands of years. What we see manifest today as war, terror, poverty, racism, hunger and the emerging natural catastrophes are nothing but the result of the chaotic era that we have been going through. However, according to the Mayan Calendar and different Esoteric Systems, we have entered to a New Era which has been called by different names such as "Age of Aquarius", "Horus era", etc. This new Age is about a new level of consciousness (higher frequency) reached on our planet where we will be able to re-establish our forgotten link to the Spirit World and rise again by extracting the divine order out of the chaos. This is only possible through the channel of LOVE (Light); the only connecting force that could bring back the state of unity into Human kingdom.

"The time we are in again for any to Seek to receive the Knowledge... Once more we, as a planet, are in a Time of reckoning and with Nature in this Phase Transition to Advance the Divine Plan." ~Dr. Diane Rousseau

This meaningful Spiritual Reality from Dr. Diane Rousseau expresses perfectly a statement by Manly P. Hall, a Great Mystic of the Mysteries.

Manly P. Hall writes:

Manly Palmer Hall
"There is an incontrovertible mass of evidence indicating the existence of initiated philosophers possessing a superior knowledge of divine and natural laws. There is also sufficient proof that these initiates were the agents of a World Fraternity or Brotherhood of Adepts that has existed from the most remote time. This over-fraternity has been called the Philosophic Empire, the Great School, the College of the Holy Spirit, and the Invisible Government of the World. References to this sovereign body of "the ancient ones of the earth" occur in the sacred writings, the philosophical literature, and the mystical traditions of all the races and nations of mankind.
We have selected from the most reputable sources vestiges relating to the Academy of the Adepts. The reader is invited to consider these fragments, to examine their contents, and to discover for himself the veritable accounts which they conceal. We believe that the thoughtful and discriminating student will have little difficulty in recognizing the essential landmarks.
We further believe that he will come to understand why we have referred to the stream of the secret doctrine as Humanism. The term is not used in its popular sense, but to describe the grand program of the Mystery Schools for the emancipation of man from bondage to ignorance, superstition, and fear.
Civilization is unfolding according to a pre-determined plan, and not by accident and fortuitous circumstance. This plan does not limit the individual to any creed or doctrine, but invites him to recognize those essential disciplines by which he can attain internal security for himself and can contribute to the final emancipation of all men. The adepts are the philosophic-elect-the priest-kings and the shepherds of the herds of human souls. During enlightened ages, they have appeared as venerated teachers, social reformers, seers, and prophets. In benighted times, their leadership has taken on various appearances, but its substance is unchanging and unchangeable."

"What we take to be an account of the men themselves is merely the record of their advancement in the sacred Orders. In later centuries we have some details about the initiates; but during the period of the Quest, we do well, indeed, if we can identify certain outstanding Humanists with the Secret Societies, which were the proper custodians of the great descent. Our purpose is accomplished if we can convey some general realization of the motions of the Philosophic Empire, from the complete secrecy of its origin to its final emergence as the natural government of the world."
~Manly P. Hall

Mr. Eric Fremaux, ISS: Adviser and Researcher

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