A Conversation: Maharishi and Mother Divine

Editor's notes:
The following experience is very well know among a number of early SRM trained meditators but has remained a somewhat famously and closely held "secret" for many decades.

Corroborated by several people who were with SRM at the time with Maharishi and Charlie Lutes, the following eight pages are a scans of the original unedited transcript of a tape recording Maharishi made and we present these long held original and unaltered photo copies, in their original format, so all may have an opportunity to see this priceless and important document for themselves.

In order to present these pages in the best light possible please be aware that they have been formatted to preserve as much clarity and detail as possible so the time needed to load these pages may be longer than normal.

Shortly after founding the Spiritual Regeneration Movement in 1959, Maharishi contacted Mother Divine and pleaded with her to alleviate the misery of humanity.
Mother Divine explained to Maharishi that help for humanity was not to come from her because humanity was is the cycle of time which demands that humanity increasingly suffers; because it is the conduct of the people themselves which brings them their suffering.

Mother Divine encouraged Maharishi to continue with his spiritual plan to gather as many Individual Lights as he could, and by these collective Lights, it would then be possible to destroy the darkness in the world for a temporary period of up to a few thousand years.

Maharishi wanted all initiators and meditators to be aware of this message from Mother.

Mother Divine and Maharishi
Oil on canvas, completed for Guru Purnama July 2006
©copyright 2006-2007 Diane M. Rousseau

Maharishi and Mother Divine at the Mother Divine Temple

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