12 Golden Precepts

by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau
January 2007

Remember all life is sacred and so are you; All is conscious and God is the Silent Witness in all.

Thank the Creator with love everyday and love and abundance will return to you; appreciation is the mark of a cultured heart and God hears us from this depth.

Remember, when you give to others and nature, God sees and gives to you. There is no Prayer that is not heard, no gift that God is not a part of, for God exists is the act of giving and in selfless love and Nature’s bounty is God's reminder.

Animals are our little brothers and sisters; love them as children just like you, these Souls are learning as God dwells in all Creation. The Eternal Witness knows our Soul and commends our Spirit as we see the connecting Oneness of the Spirit and the Truth of Life.

God works through all of us in our Higher Nature; listen then to others with your heart and you will receive greater wisdom.

Pray for the good of all life; Nature will pray for you, Angels will protect and watch over you, and Blessings will be yours.

Be happy for others when good happens to them; this is Gods reflection of goodness that you have been blessed to witness. Use this knowledge wisely and Grace will be with you.

See the Sun as God's Grace and Beauty, Blue sky as God's Joy and Peace, the Rainbow as God's Art and Promise, Rain as God's sweetness and nurturing; for God’s Love dwells in all aspects of life.

Know you belong to a Global Family of all colors. Like the Rainbow, each one is special and loved, Male and Female, all are expressions of Gods Creativity and Divine purpose.

Tell the truth always; be kind and honest. These are the things that will Bless you all your life. Darkness can only dwell where there is fear; Living in Light gives inner strength and creates Peace.

God is Love and one who loves abides in God. Know as you care even for the least in the Almighty’s Creation, God in Nature will take care of you.

Seek the Truth of life in all things and live each day with this greater awareness. Wisdom will then be based on knowing the Truth; living it each day will then create a better tomorrow with greater happiness, prosperity, stability and peace.

Pacific Ocean sunset at Kalaloch Washington, USA. October 2007
Photo by Ray J. Rousseau

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