A Personal Meeting with Swami Muktananda

by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

I met with Swami Muktananda along with my husband Ray and our close friend Tom Helke in my hometown of Seattle, Washington at an older, but still elegant, private home on Seattle’s Capitol Hill on a pleasant spring evening in 1974. There were about 50 people present in a large room with the women seated on the left side of the room and men seated on the right side of the room.

That night Swami gave a talk of higher consciousness, devotion and the importance of God in ones life. After Swami’s lecture, during the question and answer period, I wanted to ask Swami a question that was inspired by his discourse on the Self which had brought to my attention the nature of true Oneness with God. Swami was at the front of the room and as I respectfully moved up closer he motioned for me to come closer to the little stool he was sitting on, so close I was almost touching his knees.

I asked Swami Muktananda why he had the room segregated into male and female halves, as the Self (Spirit) is sexless and the seating arrangement only promoted more separation. Swami Muktananda looked at me and smiled a big grin and he then took off from around his neck a pendant that had a picture of his Master, Swami Nityananda on it. He offered to give me this pendant and he also asked me to join him personally. I told him I was with Charlie Lutes, who was my Personal Teacher, and Charlie was with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Swami smiled again and said, “Yes, yes”! He then motioned for me to take the pendant again, and although I could feel I loved Swami too, I was afraid I was somehow going to hurt both Maharishi’s feelings and Charlie’s, this because my heart was already taken. I thanked Swami and said that, as much as I wanted to, I could not accept it and surprisingly, this seemed to only make Swami even happier! He placed his pendant back on his neck and Blessed me and said he appreciated the loyalty I had in my heart to my Teacher and Master and for this, I was also Blessed.

Later, when we were leaving, Swami sent two people out to tell me that if I ever changed my mind, I was always welcome to come be with them and Swami.

Swami and his devotees were such loving people who sincerely lived the Truths, so much so, that I could see their hearts knew this unity of Divine Love that all can share.

Love and devotion is at the base of all sincere Student Teacher relationships, and the Master always knows a devotees heart!

Swami Muktananda was truly a beautiful saint who added his Blessing to my soul which inspired me to appreciate even more the Sacred gift I had. ~ DMR

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi with Swami Muktananda

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi with Swami Muktananda

The following was sent to us from the David Lynch Foundation, 2008:

“...Swami Muktananda was a renowned teacher in the tradition of one great holy saint of India, Swami Nityananda. In the late 1970's during Swami Muktananda's visit to Australia, a group of Governors and Sidhas in Melbourne were requested by Maharishi to go and pay their respect to Muktananda and give him Maharishi's regards. Muktananda showed them great respect as a group and received the delegation at a private meeting.

During this private meeting, Muktananda told Maharishi's group: "Maharishi is here for the world. You may never see Maharishi yourself, but what Maharishi has given you is a technique to clean your own self. My disciples have to be physically with me (in my presence). Maharishi has given you a technique to cleanse and purify yourselves and it is not just for yourselves, it is a technique to cleanse the whole world.

I am full of admiration for anyone on your path. It is a path of great responsibility. I have full admiration for Maharishi and for each of you. "Maharishi's path is unique. You only need to do what he has asked you to practice. It is glorious but it is not easy to be self sufficient. Devotion must be in the heart rather than physically sitting at the foot of the Master. Devotion must be in your heart. This is because Maharishi is here for the whole world."

Special thanks to the David Lynch Foundation ~ ISS
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